Into His Presence – Songs of Hope and Healing

The arrangements for these songs are purposely simplistic and kept to a minimum compared to most Christian worship music today. Live strings are to me, the closest instruments to what I imagine heavenly music to be. So I wanted to add them on some of the songs, keeping in mind, “less is best!”

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One Comment on “Into His Presence – Songs of Hope and Healing”

  1. Kendra Hanson  |  January 25, 2017 5:09 pm

    My husband and I just had our 5th child 8 days ago, and we had “Into His Presence” playing nearly the whole labor. Your music was a soothing, truth-filled balm as we experienced our first time during labor having an emergency come up with the status of our unborn son. I recall hearing “I Can Do All Things” when things became more urgent. Thank you for your gift and involvement in our family through your music.

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