About Matt & Sherry

Matt and Sherry are owners of Mathews Archery (compound archery bows) and McPherson Guitars (hand-crafted acoustic guitars), located in Sparta, WI. Along with being business owners, they are also professional musicians and songwriters and have served as worship leaders in the local church for more than 30 years. From December 2007 – June 2011 they and their worship band led 28 city-wide praise and worship events in downtown La Crosse called CityPrayz. The CityPrayz events gave rise to unity amongst the area churches and helped place a focus on evangelism. Matt & Sherry have recorded several CDs of original music and are involved in missions around the world. They live just outside the La Crosse area and have three sons, an adopted Romanian daughter and her brother, a son-in-law and daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren.


After building a solid foundation with area pastors and intercessors, CityPrayz began. Over 100 area churches participated, as well as bringing unchurched people. In the Christ-centered worship experience people of all ages were touched, refreshed and renewed as God’s presence and power were experienced. Through the CityPrayz events, people witnessed hundreds of people giving their lives to Christ. The last regularly scheduled CityPrayz event came to a close June 2011 and Prayz Network radio station began.

Prayz Network

Matt & Sherry had the privilege and opportunity to become a part of a Christian radio station in the Wisconsin/Minnesota areas. The station is a combination of solid bible teaching and contemporary Christian music. To learn more, visit

Missions and Evangelism

Along with leading people into worship, Matt & Sherry also have a passion for missions and evangelism. Through the blessings of God in their businesses, Matt & Sherry have been able to participate in missions and evangelism around the world.

The Salvation Poem Ministry

Through the leading of the Lord, Matt & Sherry wrote The Salvation Poem song, a six-line sinner’s prayer that communicates the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This has branched out into many facets of ministry. To date, The Salvation Poem has been translated and sung in approximately 80 languages, and has been published in millions of evangelistic literature pieces, and heard by more than 200 million people in the past twelve months. The Salvation Poem ministry has also partnered with the following ministries: OneHope, CBN, The Pocket Testament League, David C. Cook, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Prison Fellowship, The Creation Museum, One Minute Witness, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and many more.

The Salvation Poem cards and resources can be purchased through 100% of the proceeds go back into ministry outreach.

Christian Film

Matt & Sherry were given a tremendous opportunity to produce the first Spanish-speaking Christian movie in Latin America, titled Poema de Salvación, based on a true-life story. The movie has been seen in 21 Latin American countries and several US cities. It has been released on DVD with English subtitles. Poema de Salvación won “movie of the year” at the ARPA awards of Latin America. Matt & Sherry also won “songwriter of the year” for The Salvation Poem in Spanish, also at the ARPA awards.


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