Enter In

A Resting Place


  1. I Enter In (4:04)
  2. So Beautiful (4:31)
  3. Awake O Heart (5:18)
  4. All I Need (3:01)
  5. Settle Me (3:37)
  6. It’s Holding Time (4:57)
  7. Peace and Joy (3:50)
  8. God Is Faithful (4:43)
  9. Change (4:27)
  10. Believing All The Way (3:44)
  11. Enter Into His Gates (4:52)
  12. Endless, Boundless (5:40)
  13. All I Need (Reprise) (1:12)


  • Produced by Matt & Sherry McPherson
  • Engineered by Michael J. Head and Nick Betcher
  • Art design by Josh Meyer
  • All songs written by Sherry McPherson
  • All vocal arrangements by Sherry McPherson except on Track #4, #13, which were arranged by Michael Head
  • Mixed by Michael Head at McPherson Studios Nashville and Nick Betcher at McPherson Studio North
  • Additional song arrangements by Dennis Patton
  • Recorded and edited by Nick Betcher at McPherson Studios North
  • Additional Recording and edits by Michael Head at McPherson Studios Nashville
  • Mastered by Nick Betcher at McPherson Studio North

For me, there is no better place than the presence of God. I have pursued Jesus most of my life, but more recently, I have been drawn to seek him in a deeper way. In my quiet time I sensed him repeatedly say, “Just worship me!” As I worshipped him, words and melodies came quickly; becoming a song…then two songs…then many more. Singing these songs became the focus of my personal worship time. As I sang what he gave me, his loving presence enveloped me and I heard his voice more clearly than ever before.

I didn’t intend on sharing these personal songs of worship. I assumed they were just between him and me, until he urged me to share these songs with others. Now I see his purpose in these songs–to draw us all into a deeper place of joy in his presence.

I urge you to take these songs, go to a quiet place, play them, and sing them to Jesus. As you do, focus your thoughts solely on him. Set aside the challenges you face. Lift your voice and heart to him in thankfulness. Worship him for who he is.

He loves and accepts you, and if you allow him, he will heal your deep hurts and give you peace. You may cry tears of joy, or of sorrow. Don’t worry about what rises up in you. Just remember that you are safe in his arms.

My prayer is that these songs will help you journey deeper into your relationship with God. ENTER IN to his glory. He is calling you. He is waiting. Why? Because you are his Beloved!

Enjoy entering in,


Enter In


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