Into His Presence

Songs of Hope and Healing


  1. It Is You (4:35)
  2. Open (5:05)
  3. This I Know (4:26)
  4. Flowing (3:48)
  5. Breakthrough (5:11)
  6. I Can Do All Things (4:02)
  7. The Blood Of Jesus (4:21)
  8. Why So Downcast? (4:17)
  9. I Delight In You (6:08)
  10. You’re Coming Back (4:11)
  11. Rest, Trust (3:59)
  12. The Marriage Supper (5:01)
  13. The Salvation Poem (2:20)


  • Produced by Matt and Sherry McPherson
  • All vocals recorded by Nick Betcher at McPherson Studios North, Sparta, WI
  • Tracked and Mixed by Michael Head at McPherson Studios, Nashville, TN and Nick Betcher at McPherson Studios North
  • Mastered by Nick Betcher at McPherson Studios North
  • Piano/Keys/Lead Vocals: Sherry McPherson
  • Strings arranged by Kris Wilkinson
  • Violin/Viola: Kris Wilkinson
  • Cello: Emily Nelson
  • Keys and Programming: Jason Webb and Dennis Patton
  • Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Electric Guitar: Tom Hemby
  • Acoustic Guitar: Mark Baldwin on “Breakthrough”
  • BGVS: Matt & Sherry McPherson and Anna McPherson
  • All songs written by Sherry McPherson except The Salvation Poem written by Matt & Sherry
  • Art Design: Josh Meyer

Through times of great trial, distress and trouble, I sought the
Lord in the midst of it all. I was drawn into His embrace, so
much, that I kept coming back to Him for more. Through His
great love He graciously would give me a new song to sing that
would draw me deeper into worship. These songs became my
lifeline to hope and peace. Every time, they would lift my heavy
heart and I could go back into the battle filled with strength and

I believe these songs are to be another channel for His anointing for healing, hope and restoration for others. He knows there are many of you longing for the deeper place, the safe place of being in His presence; of knowing Him closer than you ever have before.

Recently I joined with our dear and close friend Dennis Patton, from Nashville, TN, to revise these songs. Dennis’ amazing musical gifting has added even more than I could ever have imagined to these songs.

My hope and desire is that every listener will have a “God
encounter” in a new way and that each of you will be
awakened to the need for the intimate place with your Lord
and Savior. I hope you never forsake making time for this.

Be blessed and touched,
Sherry McPherson

Into His Presence


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