I Love You, I Need You

From The Album: I Will Rejoice


I love You, I need You, You’re part of me
You came when I needed eyes to see
So precious, Your presence, when I feel You near
I love You, I need You, meet me here

Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Jehovah
The Creator of all in me

It was a dry time for me musically, and I hadn’t written a song in quite a while. I asked God to please show me if He still wanted me to do music or not. I asked Him to give me a song. Soon after, I was driving in my car and this song came to me. I had to pull over to write it down. It was clear confirmation that God still wanted me to write and sing.



  • Written by Matt McPherson
  • Drums: John Hammond
  • Bass Guitar: Craig Nelson
  • Acoustic Guitar: Tom Hemby, Dave Cleveland
  • Electric Guitar: Mark Baldwin
  • Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Keyboards: Dennis Patton


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