Love Is A Good Thing

From The Album: I Will Rejoice


Love is a good thing
Love is a good thing
Love is a good thing
When you have love in your heart
For another
Love is a good thing

Just let love show the way
Let love be your aim
Don’t let hate or distain
Be in your heart of hearts

Love one another
Like Jesus said
Love one another
God is love
Be for each other
Like Jesus said
Love one another, yeah

This song came to me as I was sitting at the piano one afternoon. I guess I really surprised Matt with it because it’s so different from how I usually write. (I knew this style has always been in me – ha) Dennis really went to town on the arrangement. It made this song even more than what I had imagined. Thanks, Dennis!



  • Written by Sherry McPherson
  • Drums & Percussion: John Hammond
  • Bass Guitar: Craig Nelson
  • Acoustic Guitar: Tom Hemby
  • Electric Guitar: Mark Baldwin
  • Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Keyboards & Programming: Dennis Patton


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