Carry Me

From The Album: Slow Down


So long, far away
So cold and afraid
I’d forgotten how to reach You
No strength left in me
Guess it took this to see
Just how much I need You…to

Carry me
When I’m too weary for walkin’
Shoulder me
‘Cause I can’t stand alone
Cradle me
When all my hope has been broken
Cover me
And Lord I’m finally home

Well I faltered in faith
And I’m so ashamed
To come and kneel before You
Won’t You take my hand
And help me to stand
Lord, I implore You…please


  • Written by Matt & Sherry McPherson, John Mandeville, and Steve Siler
  • Drums: John Hammond
  • Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Electric Guitars: Jerry McPherson
  • Bass Guitar: Jackie Street
  • Piano / Keyboards: Dennis Patton
  • Strings: Nashville String Machine


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