Slow Down

Slow Down


  1. Slow Down (3:04)
  2. Because of You (4:26)
  3. Small Town Preacher (4:13)
  4. Holdin’ On (4:30)
  5. The Salvation Poem (3:06)
  6. Moving Heaven and Earth (5:35)
  7. Colors of Life (4:06)
  8. I Felt Him Breathe (4:52)
  9. My Love (4:48)
  10. He Is (3:58)
  11. Carry Me (4:26)
  12. Here I Am (3:53)
  13. You Love Me Still (4:14)
  14. The Salvation Poem (Reprise) (3:43)


  • Produced by: Dennis Patton
  • Executive Producers: Matt McPherson and Don Boyer
  • BGV’s arranged by Russell Mauldin
  • String Players: Nashville String Machine, Contracted by Carl Gordesky
  • Strings arranged by Chris McDonald
  • Engineering by: Bill Deaton, Dennis Patton, Richie Biggs, and J.R. Rodriguez
  • Assistant Engineering by: Mark Noriz and Vince Romanelli
  • Mixed by: John Jaszcz
    Assisted by: Grant Greene and Vince Romanelli
  • Editing by: Joe Hand
  • Mastered by: Hank Williams at MasterMix, Nashville, TN
  • Mixed at 16th Place Studio, Nashville, TN
  • All of Matt & Sherry’s vocals recorded at Northwoods Studio, Norwalk, WI
  • Art Design by: Josh Meyer

Slow Down, focuses on living out our faith in everyday life. Themes include spending intimate time with God, celebrating His goodness, loving and praying for our families, witnessing to others, and focusing on the things in life that really matter.



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