I Felt Him Breathe

From The Album: Slow Down


I could spend my whole life livin’
For everything that this world has given
But tell me have you seen it satisfy?
Instead I turned my head toward heaven
Gave Him my heart just like it’s written
And found the peace the good book wrote inside

Then He… breathed His breath on me
I felt Him… breathe His breath on me
Meltin’ down those walls
Keepin’ me from being free
When He breathed His breath on me

What He’s done for me’s no secret
He gives me joy and He lets me keep it
Why God would care is such a mystery
And evidently He’s not too busy
I know He’s here, He’s been talkin’ to me
Everything He does so amazingly


  • Written by Matt McPherson
  • Drums / Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Acoustic Guitars: Dave Cleveland
  • Electric Guitars: Mark Baldwin
  • Bass Guitar: Mark Hill
  • Piano: Dennis Patton
  • Strings: Nashville String Machine
  • BGV’s: Sherry McPherson, Stephanie Hall, Lisa Cochran, Shelly Jennings, Jaimee Paulich, Mark Ivey, Melodie Kirkpatrick, Chance Scoggins, Marshall Hall, Gene Miller, Tammy Jensen (Arranged by Russell Mauldin)


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