Moving Heaven and Earth

From The Album: Slow Down


I still remember your first breath
That moment’s still alive in me
The way your hand held on to mine
I saw a glimpse of heaven in your eyes
Though you may not see it now
Believe me my child

I’m movin’ heaven and earth for you
There’s nothing a father’s heart won’t do
Though your whole life waits before you
You can rest on one sure thing
I’m movin’ heaven and earth for you

I can’t believe you’ve grown so fast
Those precious times have slipped away
Where have they gone?
I’d love to hold on to those years
But in my heart you’ll always be right here
Though I can’t be there with you
Down on my knees


  • Written by Matt McPherson, John Mandeville, and Dennis Patton
  • Drums: Steve Brewster
  • Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Acoustic Guitars: Mark Baldwin
  • Electric Guitars: Jerry McPherson
  • Bass Guitar: Matt Pierson
  • Piano / Keyboards: Dennis Patton
  • BGV’s: Sherry McPherson, Stephanie Hall, Lisa Cochran, Shelly Jennings, Jaimee Paulich, Mark Ivey, Melodie Kirkpatrick, Chance Scoggins, Marshall Hall, Gene Miller, Tammy Jensen (Arranged by Russell Mauldin)


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