Small Town Preacher

From The Album: Slow Down


Turn the light on in the porch
I’m comin’ home a little late
Brother Peterson took ill
And he’s needin’ a little faith
So I won’t be home in time
To kiss the little ones goodnight

Crawled in bed at half past three
Just hopin’ for a little sleep
Elder Jacobs rang the phone
With a need that wouldn’t keep
We prayed for God’s will to be done
Until I saw the risin’ sun

I wonder if I make a difference
Cause sometimes it’s hard to see
How God could use a small town preacher
Like me

Sister Mosely plays the organ
It’s another Wednesday night
At the dinner after meetin’
There’s always apple pie
Nothin’ much here that is new
There must be more that I could do

I’m just one man
And there’s so many needs
I preach, I pray
Sometimes it seems like nothin’s changed
Lord, am I getting through?

Found a scrapbook in my study
With a ribbon and a note
Looks like all my congregation
Just wanted me to know
The little things I thought were small
Turns out they mattered most of all

Now I know I’ve made a difference
And it’s a miracle to see
How god could use a small town preacher
Like me

Turn the light on in the porch
I’m comin’ home a little late…


  • Written by Matt & Sherry McPherson
  • Drums/Bass/Piano/Organ: Dennis Patton
  • Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Acoustic Guitars: Matt McPherson
  • Electric Guitars: Mark Baldwin
  • BGV’s: Sherry McPherson, Stephanie Hall, Lisa Cochran, Shelly Jennings, Jaimee Paulich, Mark Ivey, Melodie Kirkpatrick, Chance Scoggins, Marshall Hall, Gene Miller, Tammy Jensen (Arranged by Russell Mauldin)


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