You Love Me Still

From The Album: Slow Down


Kneeling in silence
I have so much to say
So many times I’ve fallen away
Drowning in a sea of guilt and shame
Not really sure of how much you can take

How many times will you forgive?
How many wounds can I inflict?
Oh how many times can I fail Your will?
I’m amazed, somehow, You love me still

Oh tears flow like rivers
When I’m by myself
Then I hear Your words
And I feel like someone else
Lord, I’m not worthy
To call upon Your name
Yet I cling to the promise
Your love will never change

Father, Father, forgive me of my sin
And give me the strength
To stand up once again

How many times have You forgiven me?
How many wounds have I inflicted?
How many times have I failed Your will?
I’m amazed, somehow, You love me still


  • Written by Sherry McPherson and Dennis Patton
  • Piano / Keyboards: Dennis Patton
  • String Quartet: Nashville String Machine


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