Holdin’ On

From The Album: Slow Down


In a world spinning out of control
I touch the ground and guard my soul
I am holdin’ on to You

I feel a peace in the midst of the storm
You’ve made a hedge to keep me safe from harm
I am holdin’ on to You

Temptations try to pull me away
But I cling to Your words
And I seek Your face

There’s nothing in this world
That can save my life, save my soul
Only through Your love are all things good
I’ll keep holdin’ on to You
Holdin’ on to You

I could live by the wisdom of man
And choose to build upon sinkin’ sand
But I wild hold on to You

When Satan tries to pull me away
I’ll cling to Your words
And I’ll seek Your face


  • Written by Sherry McPherson and Dennis Patton
  • Drums/Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Acoustic Guitars/Lute: Dave Cleveland
  • Electric Guitars: Jerry McPherson
  • Bass Guitar: Mark Hill
  • Keyboards/Organ: Dennis Patton
  • BGV’s: Matt, Sherry and Dennis Patton


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