Colors of Life

From The Album: Slow Down


Colors of life, colors of time
So many colors to see
These are the things that we experience
Making us who we are
And what we will be
Colors of life…oh…colors of life

Happiness brings color of green
Sadness brings color of blue
Testing of faith, patience to wait
Brings a yellow hue
We know it’s true
Colors of life…oh…colors of life

We must trust God (In every color)
He is in control
He has a plan for us (In every color)
Colors of life…oh…colors of life

In hard times we say
“Take this away”
In good times we say
“I wish this would stay”


  • Written by Sherry McPherson
  • Drums / Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Acoustic Guitars: Dave Cleveland
  • Bass Guitar: Mark Hill
  • Violin / Mandolin: Andy Leftwich
  • BGV’s: Matt & Sherry McPherson and Dennis Patton


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