Slow Down

From The Album: Slow Down


Slow down, take the time to notice
I keep hearin’ this in my mind
Slow down, time for me to focus
That’s the place I just gotta find
So many things I miss
I’m goin crazy like this

I need to make life last
Stop movin’ so fast, just slow down
This world keeps turnin’
There’s a lesson that I’m learnin’
Just slow down, come on…slow down

So easy, caught up in a hurry
Tryin’ hard not to let it show
Every day brings another worry
I can’t seem just to let it go
Such a vicious ride Got no place to hide


  • Written by Matt & Sherry McPherson and Lenny Leblanc
  • Drums: John Hammond
  • Percussion: Ken Lewis
  • Acoustic Guitars: Matt McPherson
  • Electric Guitars: Mark Baldwin
  • Steel Guitar: Matt McPherson
  • Bass Guitar: Jackie Street
  • Piano/Organ: Dennis Patton
  • BGV’s: Sherry McPherson, Stephanie Hall, Lisa Cochran, Shelly Jennings, Jaimee Paulich, Mark Ivey, Melodie Kirkpatrick, Chance Scoggins, Marshall Hall, Gene Miller, Tammy Jensen (Arranged by Russell Mauldin)


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