Breaking Free Conference


Sherry McPherson’s Breaking Free Conference video from November 16, 2012 is available for viewing and free downloading. Feel free to share this message with friends and loved ones.


“Sherry, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your heart at your conference. It shows your love of God and you always give hope to this hurting world when you talk of God’s love. Thank you.” -Michele

“Matt and Sherry, thank you so much for the conference, the wonderful scriptures, and for your CD. I had not heard any of your recordings before, and it is wonderful! What a gift to be able to encourage and share your faith and your talents in such a beautiful way. Blessings.” -Rose

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I am thinking about pruchasing your CD. I was also wondering if you sell a music book with easy chords to learn to play on piano?

First I need to tell ya how much I appreciate the help you gave me in my need in 1996 with Marge workin so hard on my back pain issues then! Second I am curious what Sherry was majoring in while she went to college, as I am aware Matt had little use for formal education in those days. Third, wanna thank you for your involvement in my life when my marriage went down the drain. I wish I had taken a course in Bible College on “How to go on living after yer spouse leaves you. I realize most of my traumas could never compare to what Sherry shared, it seems we all have our personal hell and demons to deal with. Presently I get to deal with heart and weight problems similar to Mom’s. I pray GOD continues to bless and spread your ministry as you walk HIS walk. Grace N Peace!

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